Fashion advice for fishermen: How to style a lapel pin

Picture it: you're headed to a wedding, interview, business casual event, date. How will you stand out and make an impression? The trick is through expression of your passion. What do you love? Wear it. You'll show who you are—your personal brand. It'll give you confidence, and you'll always have something to talk about. This is exactly why we started up Fin & Pin— Fin & Pin—a way for anglers to show they love fishing by putting on a pin . We make fishing themed enamel pins. Designed in California, by anglers for anglers. When you support us; you support the small business community and fellow fishermen. 

Fin & Pin—a way for anglers to show they love fishing by putting on a pin

Put a twist on an old blazer, add to a bag, or throw a little style onto a hat. It's up to you—pin wherever you please. 

How to place a pin on your lapel:

  1. Detach the deluxe locking clutch (featured on all our pins
  2. Align the pin about a half inch below lapel's "point"
  3. Should you wear a pin on the left or the right? It's up to you! Many wear their pins on the left hand side as it's over their heart, for example the president wears a flag lapel pin on the left. But by all means do your own thing if you want and wear it on the right!
  4. Put the deluxe locking clutch back on once you've got it in place. Our backings will ensure that no matter what kind of adventures you put your fishing pin through; it'll stick around!

And that's it! Super easy, and now you'll be showing your passion for fishing by wearing a pin. 

A touch of bass adds some class 🎣📌#finandpin

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