Fin & Pin was founded by Paris; an avid fisherman that resides in the California Bay Area—frequenting the California Delta, Lake Berryessa, and Lake Herman. Like many anglers, he was always looking for ways to display his passion for fishing. As he casted his fishing line into the horizon, Paris leveraged his experience in advertising and imagined the idea of fishing themed lapel pins. Each design is created with different elements of fishing in mind—whether it be the lures we throw, the sayings we share, equipment we use, or fish we catch. And so, with the help of friends and fellow fishermen—Fin & Pin has grown into a thriving "for anglers, by anglers" business. 


Our Cloisonne (pronounced \ˌklȯi-zə-ˈnā,) pins celebrate the fine-art tradition of glass enameling. A combination of cloisonné craft & art of angling. Made from hand-pouring powdered glass into the recesses gold or silver plated brass base. The pins are baked at 800° – 900° Fahrenheit and then polished to create a smooth and radiant quality. They feature a deluxe locking clutch, so no matter what the adventure—your pins will stick with you. 

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Our pins are hand-poured glass cloisonne, with high polish brass, silver and black nickel finishes. All pins feature a deluxe locking clutch so they'll stay put no matter what the angling adventure. 


We create wearable art that celebrates your obsession for angling. Our pins are designed in-house by anglers, for anglers. You won't find a similar design anywhere else. 


Our products are designed in California. Each detail is perfected and field tested. Our designs are inspired by the anglers and fishing experiences all around us.